The Team

Melissa Abrahams -Sales Agent
   Contact MelissaMy Goal as a Real Estate professional is to provide the highest level of service for my clients. I feel that it is important to provide an array of information regarding all of your Real Estate needs. You will find on my website a wide selection of online tools which can be used to provide you with the most current Real Estate information. I am here to help you every step of the way. You can count on me. I welcome the opportunity to represent you in the sale or purchase of your home.



 Olive Chang – Sales Agent

Contact Olive    Real Estate is an exciting business. It is all about people and their specific needs and wants towards the lifestyle they are pursuing. A smooth and successful real estate transaction really comes down to thorough market research, careful planning, and effective communication and negotiation. Coming to this business with a masters in marketing communications and over 5 years of real world experience in PR and marketing, I have the right communication skills to effectively guide you through the propperty buying process and turn your home into a marketable house positioned well to sell. Prior to joining real estate, I worked as a marketing specialist at a real estate investment management software company in Boston for 4 years. Before coming to Boston, I had more than 3 years of combined work experience in PR and journalism in Taipei, Taiwan. I speak fluent English and Mandarin Chinese and currently live with my husband in Coolidge Corner, Brookline. Buying or selling a home is a big move in one’s life. As a real estate professional, I will do my best to support you, protect you, and direct you every step of the way to achieve that goal. It would be my honor to represent you in the sale or purchase of your home. ——–


擁有行銷溝通碩士以及 5 年以上的行銷公關工作經驗,我知道如何根據您特殊的需求找到您理想中的房子,並在買屋的過程中有效地與您及賣方溝通協調,成功地帶領您完成買屋的手續。同時,以我行銷的背景,我知道如何合理地定價並成功地設計您想出售的房屋,再透過市場反映,與買方談判,進以調整策略,讓您順利地將房子在理想價位內賣出。

在進入房地產工作前,我在波士頓一家房地產投資軟體公司擔任四年的行銷專員,負責公司網路研討會、電子郵件活動、客戶活動及產業展銷會等規畫與執行。來到波士頓之前,我在台北從事三年多的公關及記者等工作。我畢業於臺灣交大管理科學系,會說流利的英文與中文,現在與先生住在 Brookline 的 Coolidge Corner。