Damn Ice Dams

ice damA couple of months ago I posted information on my Facebook page about how to prepare your house to prevent ice dams. How clairvoyant of me.  Too bad I didn’t follow my own advice in time.  Here is a link to the This-Old-House article on that I referenced – Winter Upkeep   But if you are like me and you didn’t get all these things in place in time, you are now dealing with Ice Dams, icicles, snow on your roof and leaks.  So what to do?  At this point, the path is pretty straight forward.

  1. Take pictures of the ice dams, snow and icicles on the outside of your house and pictures of the damage to the inside.
  2.  Call someone to get the snow off your roof and knock the ice out of your gutters.
  3. Call your Homeowner’s insurance company and start a claim.
  4. Get receipts for the work you have done to get the ice and snow off your house.
  5. Follow your homeowner’s insurance adjusters instructions for getting reimbursed.


You will need these, not only to lament to your friends on Facebook about your woes, but to show your insurance company should you have it all removed before the insurance adjuster shows up.  Video clips would be even better, particularly if you are getting water dripping in.

Who to Call

Don’t get up on a ladder.  It is just too dangerous in this weather.  You need someone who is used to being up on a roof and who has the equipment to be up there and is insured, so construction or roofing companies make the most sense.  Of course, many are busy so you will have to do a lot of calling around.  While I cannot fully endorse anyone that I have not personally used, here are a few companies that were recommended by people in groups I manage on Facebook.   If you want to follow me on Facebook (and you should – lots of good info there!), the link is at the end of this post.

John Gaudet – someone on Facebook said he did a great job, so I am having him come by today (781) 241-7329.   He had a bit of trouble this week with someone rear-ending his truck, so he is referring the business to his brother-in-law.

A to Z Contracting – Owner is Noff  (781)-389-6482 – also got a good recommendation by someone who used him.

I also got an email from J. Murray and Sons advertising their services to remove ice dams and clear roofs.john@jmurrayandsons.com (781) 414-0605 

Fabrian Castillon – (781) 308-5022  He got a rave review from someone on Facebook who used him, but when I called he said he could not remove the ice dams, just the icicles and snow.  To be fair, my house is taller than average and it is scary to get up there on a ladder and start hatching away at ice..

Someone else said they used Mr. Handyman  1-888-449-3031 and they did a good job.

Tree Tech in Foxboro 508-543-5644 – very nice guys who were responsive but said they will do Capes and Ranches.  They said my house is too high.

East Coast Construction – 781 333-9889.  Came to my door looking asking if I wanted to have them remove my ice dams.  At the time, John was on the way, so I just took their card.   I recommended them to a few clients who are in dire straits and they are getting rave reviews so far.

Ryan McKernan. 617-970-1610 – recommended by someone in the Newton Yard Sale group by someone who used him.

This guy advertised on Facebook that he could help with ice dams – A.J (617)-372-7761 ANGELO6686@GMAIL.COM.  I can’t vouch for him as I don’t have references, but you can ask him for references.

As I get more good recommendations, I will update this post and my Realtor Facebook page.

Make sure you get a detailed bill and receipt.  You will need this for your insurance company.


Call your Homeowner’s Insurance company now.  It will take a while for an adjuster to come out.  I called on Friday and they have yet to come out.  I will also update you on how that turns out.  I know you may be reluctant to use your insurance figuring the cost will go up, but trust me, to remove the dams and fix the damage will be more than your deductible.  We are talking $1,000 and up just to knock out all the ice dams and icicles.

I am in the throes of this myself right now so stay tuned for updates on how it goes with the ice removal and getting reimbursed by the insurance company.

Michelle J. Lane
Century 21 Commonwealth
CELL: 617 584-3904