Ding Dong – Red Active is Dead!!!!

not for saleThe Red Active” or “Active with a Flag” status has been the bane of agents existence for some time now. This status allows agents to keep a listing active while it is still on the market in order to solicit back up offers. The problem is that no buyer wants to go look at a property that is not available. The worse problem is that these show up as Active – still on the market on all the real estate websites. So clients see them as on the market despite their agent (me for example) telling them that it is not available. So they expend emotionally energy wanting to believe those properties are still available and I somehow misunderstood the listing agent. With inventory levels being so low, you can’t blame them. But tomorrow all listings currently marked Red Active will now be marked Under Agreement. Moving forward, agents will need to select the Contingent (CTG) status to show that their listings do have an accepted offer that is contingent on the next hurdle – inspection, mortgage commitment, etc. I am looking forward to this making things easier for agents and their clients!

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