EMC / Dell Deal – Potential impact on Real Estate

There is no  question that the Dell $67B purchase of EMC will have an impact on commercial real estate in Hopkinton.  EMC is the largest holder of commercial real estate in the area.  But they also employ roughly 9,000 people in the towns of Hopkinton, Franklin, Marlborough, Milford and Southborough – with the majority in Hopkinton.  Although they have announced that the combined enterprise systems business headquarters will remain in Hopkinton, any merger means consolidation of jobs and, almost always, a reduction in the number of employees, while relocating others.  It is too soon to say what that impact will be, but if you are looking to buy in these towns, I would keep abreast of progress on the merger.  If you live in one of these towns and are thinking of selling, sooner might be better than later.

For more information, check out EMC’s press release here – http://www.emc.com/about/news/press/2015/20151012-02.htm

Michelle J. Lane

Century 21 Commonwealth
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