Hire Me as Your Buyer’s Agent

The tools available to today’s homebuyers provide access to information on houses on the market, open houses and even some information on homes sold in the area.  This certainly makes it easier to shop for a home online. This leads some homebuyers to believe that they can buy a home on their own and, in the process, save some money by getting the selling agent to cut their commission.

What you may not realize is that no matter how nice that seller’s agent is, that person does not represent you.  They are contractually obligated to act in the best interest of the seller. They are not incented to get you the best price or to take care of any of the many hurdles along the way to home ownership.

It is not up to the seller’s agent to decide to give up some commission to a buyer who comes to the deal directly.  The seller’s agent has a preexisting contract with the seller and whatever happens with the listing agent’s commission is between the seller and their agent.

There are many points along the way where not having an agent could cost you dearly.  For everything that you can think of that can go wrong in a deal, there are 100 other things you can’t think of.  And those are the things that are going to cost you far more than whatever you think you can save by going it alone.

I have sold a great deal of  homes in my career and I can tell you that I have learned something new from nearly every deal.  The rules and laws are constantly changing. The average person changes homes once every 7 years. That is not enough experience to be able to foresee every bad turn a home purchase could possibly take.

These are just two of the areas in which I work for you as a buyer’s agent:

  • Negotiations
  • Protection from pitfalls

There are many other responsibilities I handle for you.  To name a few:

  • Finding the Right Home – yes, you can look online and go to Open Houses on your own and I encourage you to do so.   My job is to help you narrow down the field by previewing homes, knowing the neighborhoods, knowing what to look for, setting up house viewing tours and more.  Most of my clientele are in the luxury home market.  These business people understand their valuable time is better spent on their area of core competency, leaving the rest to the experts in the respective areas.
  • Doing the Legwork – before you make an offer on the house that you like, a great deal of legwork has to happen to make sure you avoid pitfalls – checking permits, flood plains, conservation abutment restrictions, zoning laws, etc.
  • Working with your lawyer to make sure all important points are covered in the contract.
  • Coordinating inspections, bringing in contractors for quotes, etc.
  • Negotiating post inspection issues.
  • Making sure you are on target with your mortgage. These days there are MANY things that can make a mortgage fall apart.
  • Ensuring you meet all key dates.
  • Providing you with checklists to keep you on track.
  • Resource after the sale – recommendations on contractors, cleaning people, painters, landscapers. Moving in presents itself with a whole new set of needs that your Buyer’s agent can fulfill.

Think of your buyer’s agent as an insurance policy.  When everything is going right, you might think you don’t need one. When something goes wrong, you will wish you had one.  But it will be too late.

Why Hire Me as your Buyer’s Agent?

Two words – Caring and Competence.

I care about my clients.  I want you to find a home in which you can be happy, at a good price, with the least amount of stress and worry.  My relationship with you extends beyond the transaction – my goal is to be your Realtor for life.  I encourage you to review my testimonials.  See what other buyer clients have to say about what I have done for them so you can feel confident about choosing me as your buyer agent.

I am extremely competent to do this job. 

  • I have extensive business experience.
  • I have extensive real estate experience.
  • My degree is in computer science which gives me a unique advantage in this day of the technology-based home buying process.
  • This is my full time job, not a hobby. I am not distracted by other obligations and am always available to my clients.
  • I am consistently a top producer. My high level of sales means that my skills are always sharp and current.  
  • I keep up on all the latest regulations around mortgages, zoning, and housing.
  • I know am a strong negotiator who can keep a deal together to the finish line.

Contact Me to set up an appointment and let’s get started on finding you’re your next home.