Our Marketing Strategy

Marketing is the aspect of selling a home that is completely in your Realtor’s hands and is a key to getting your home sold.  Publicizing your home is what gets the buyers in the door.  Price and condition get them to buy.

A marketing plan that is firing on all cylinders will start with the basic 3 Ps.

  1. Place the listing in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
  2. Propagate that listing to all the major real estate websites.
  3. Place a sign out front.

 As well as other methods employed by most agents:

  • Broker Tour(s)
  • Neighbor Open House
  • Public Open Houses
  • Just Listed Cards

However, in today’s market, buyers have more tools available to them than ever before, which means you need an agent who understands both traditional and current methods of attracting buyers.  My expertise to reach today’s buyers in all the ways that they conduct their home search, including:

  • Social Media Sites
  • Getting the word out to key networking groups.
  • Placing the listing on several key websites including this one, Century 21 Commonwealth and the Century 21 site.  As the largest real estate company in the world, Century 21’s presence can attract local, national and international buyers to our listings.

 Beyond these basics, there are many extras my team will call into play as the sale of your home calls for it.  Luxury homes do have a smaller pool of buyers and require a marketing strategy that is above and beyond the usual.  That plan can include: 

Dedicated website for your home.

  • Video Tours
  • Publication in Print Media
  • Specialized events
  • Specialized Marketing

I firmly believe that the personal touch goes a long way towards getting homes sold.  In the end, it is people who are house hunting and selling requires a personal touch.  I will roll up my sleeves and call down to our extensive list of buyers who are looking for a home like yours.  I will ask your neighbors to bring their friends to the Neighbor Open House, work my contacts, call down to all Open House attendees and more – until your home is sold. 

The marketing plan that we will build for your home will be extensive and unique to the needs of your home sale.  I will share my entire marketing strategy with you when we meet.  We will identify who are likely buyers for your home and the best means to reach them.  Contact Me and let’s get started.