Relocating to Boston

Relocating to a new city is not just about finding a new home.  It’s about finding a new life in an unfamiliar city.   Relocation brings a higher level of stress and complication to the process of buying a new home.  A great deal of your search may occur remotely.  And there can be many moving parts – trying to time finding a home with the sale of a home in another state, moving children, pets, and more.

With its strong base of employers in the medical, pharmaceutical, finance, and technology fields, I have had the pleasure of helping many new residents find a home in the Greater Boston area.  I look forward to helping you with your move as well.

There are 3 types of Relocation moves that my team manages:

  • Corporate Clients and Their Employees
  • Small Businesses in Boston
  • Personal Relocation Moves

 Corporate Clients and Their Employees

 Large corporations typically work with relocation companies that manage large scale aspects of their workforce mobility programs.  Amongst other things, they coordinate home sale and home purchase, household-goods shipping, move management, temporary housing, and settling-in.  They do this by outsourcing to local realtors, movers, etc.    As part of Century 21, the largest real estate organization in the world, my team handles many corporate relocation moves to the greater Boston area.  If you are part of a corporate move, you are able to request the realtor you will use to buy or sell your home in the Boston area.  If you choose me, you will be in good hands with a Realtor who genuinely cares that your experience will be an extraordinary one.  Learn more About Me and what I and my team can do for you and feel free to review our Testimonials to see what our relocation customers have to say about our services.   I will gladly connect you with my relocation references upon request.   I welcome you to ask any and all questions you may have on your relocation.  Contact Me for more information.

 Businesses in Boston

 As part of Century 21 Commonwealth, our team offers a special relocation package for companies that do not make enough annual employee moves to warrant working with one of the large scale relocation companies.   This program, called Commonwealth Cares, can also be used by branch offices of large corporations to offer corporate-like benefits to their employees making local moves.  Commonwealth Cares offers many of the same benefits to you and your employees as those received by large corporations.

Services Provided

  • Assistance in obtaining temporary housing.
  • Managing all aspects of a home sale for remote home owners who have to move before the sale.
  • Providing information on hospitals, schools, childcare services, recreational activities and cultural events.
  • Assistance in locating a moving company and move related services at discounted rates.
  • Assistance in finding professional services associated with a home sale or purchase including a lawyer, mortgage company and insurance company.
  • Coordinating contractors for clients who cannot be at the house during the sale or purchase of their home.
  • Extra bonuses that your company can offer your employees as part of your employee benefit package.     

 For more information on this program – Contact Me.

Personal Move

There are many people who move to this area who are not covered by a Corporate Relocation program.  Medical professionals are the largest group in this category, followed by college professors, grad students, and companies with fewer than 12 moves a year.

If you fall into this category, we can still provide you with the services and experience that a large company employee receives.  Even better, because we will oversee the relocation experience end-to-end and you will personally know the Realtor who is managing your entire move.  It is important in a relocation to have one person overseeing the entire move to make sure both ends are coordinated seamlessly.   Aside from that, you will receive exemplary service in settling into the Boston area.   There is so much to enjoy about living in Boston – history, culture, education, a city with a European influence and a worldly appeal. Finding the right neighborhood, home, schools, organizations – these are all elements of your new life my team will make happen.