The Importance of Staging

You can read many articles online about this subject, so I will keep to key points here and let the pictures do the talking.

  • Staging Increases the likelihood of a Sale
  • Staging makes Rooms seem Larger
  • Clutter stresses out Buyers and Distracts them
  • Staging helps Buyers see themselves in the Home
  • Staging clarifies the Purpose of the Room

There are various levels of staging. In order of cost –

  • Your own Staging
  • Virtual Staging
  • Our Partial Staging
  • Full Staging

How are these defined and how do they play out?

1. Your Own Staging. This should be done regardless – declutter, get rid of whatever you won’t take to the next home, pack up personal items like pictures, kids artwork etc, buy nice bedding and new towels for the bathrooms. Spruce up what you can within reason. We can help with decor items to round out your staging. This is the best solution if you will be living in the house throughout the sale process. It is not realistic for a Stager to bring in bedding, rugs ,etc that will be used, stepped on etc. The staging items have to be used again in future jobs.


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2. Virtual Staging – this is great for vacant homes or rentals where we have no control over the tenants’ tidiness or decor. See examples below from our listings. We cover this as part of our marketing costs.


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3. Our Partial Staging. As mentioned, we can assist with partial staging, bringing in decor items to round out your staging. We can even stage entire rooms if they are rooms that are not being used or the place is vacant. Whether we charge for this depends on how much staging is required. We discuss this in our Listing Presentation with you. See examples below.


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4. Full Professional Staging. This is recommended for Luxury Homes that will be unoccupied during the sale process, homes where the purpose of rooms is not clear when empty and, in reality, for anyone who is willing to spend the money to make the best impression to get top dollar.